hold me up in the dark

theyskens theory. helmut lang.

birthdays wishes shared on the hudson river as we looked out into the darkness and held each other close. the view from here will always be good when we're looking towards the horizon together. 


april in new york

The flowers are blooming. We listen to Astor Piazzolla at home and have a drink - me a glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and you a glass of rye whiskey with one perfectly square ice cube. You play air cello and I laugh. Meeko barks when I laugh. There's an emptiness in my fingers that aches when I hear this dissonance and I know you feel it too. It'll be your birthday soon and we'll be the same age again for five weeks. I have a surprise planned but you won't let me tell you what it is. Summertime will be hear soon and so will the stifling city heat. This will be the first summer we spend together since you left but came back. 

westville east and fresh market vegetables

Westville East is the standard go to for a healthy dinner fix composed of heaps of fresh market vegetables. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice over it and you're one step closer to undoing all those vodka gimlets from the night before.

Read more about it on my yelp review here!


dekalb market opening day

details. clover canyon top. rag & bone wide leg silk pants. hat by little doe is love from the reformation.

classic meatball slider

nori taco shell

pork spare ribs over yellow coconut rice

rosemary and cranberry pretzel with honey mustard

meat and cheese mini savory pie

An explosion of creativity at the opening day of the new Dekalb Market. Great food vendors, cute shops housed in re-purposed shipping containers, and mini petting zoo!! What else could you ask for on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

macchiato escape

The perfect macchiato at Bowery Coffee on Houston and Bowery. Glass of water on the side and iPad in hand - perfect escape from the madness of Soho just a few streets down.