boston getaway: part two

On day two of our trip to Boston, we were lucky enough to get the grand tour of Harvard from my older sister who is a student there (I secretly felt like a proud, beaming soccer mom after walking around the campus with her) and I was really blown away by how beautiful it is. Nothing quite like a grey wintery day in Cambridge to really highlight the charm of an old school college campus. It seems that those of us who went to college in NYC sort of got the short end of the stick when it came to school facilities.

Love Story anyone? Passing by the law library seriously made me want to frolic jovially and make snow angels all while humming the Love Story soundtrack.

The infamous John Harvard statue - don't touch it. don't ask, just know you were forewarned...

At the Prudential Center, we had a quick bite to eat at Wagamama. This place reminded me of Republic in the city - similar vibe.

Marinated yasai noodle salad

Chicken dumplings

Chili chicken ramen

Moyashi soba

For a late night treat, we all went to Burdick's in Cambridge to try their famous hot chocolate, which by the way was mind-blowingly delicious, and I left wishing we had something like this in New York. Even late at night, the cafe was jam-packed with hungry college kids and Cambridge locals alike who were all ordering cups of hot chocolate and little slices of cake heaven to warm up from the bitter winter cold.

Cacao nut shells

Of course, being a macaron fanatic, I had to sample a few at Burdick's. I got pumpkin for the boy and pistachio for myself and was pleasantly surprised by how good they were. Perfectly flakey and chewy with a delicate lingering flavor - just how a macarons should taste.

Latte from Crema Cafe in Harvard Square. This place was delicious as well! I hear that their sandwiches at lunch time are really amazing. We all shared an oatmeal raisin cookie post campus tour that was so good, it was happily gobbled up before the camera lens could capture it. Yes, sometimes even my patience/will power for taking food photos before I devour my dish breaks and I take a bite before I can snap a photo.

I can't believe that by Monday, it'll already be February. Where did January go? Wasted most of it indoors trying to stay warm it seems like I'm doing tonight. Although, I am admittedly thoroughly enjoying myself being at home with the boy and Meeko, in lieu of cramming into an overcrowded, noisy bar. I love a night in, listening to the Chopin piano concertos trying to remember and relive how perfect the cool, flat surface of the keyboard felt under my fingers once upon a time.


boston getaway: part one

I recently went on a short weekend trip to Boston with the boy and my sister to spend some quality time together before the beginning of the spring school semester and the craziness that February will bring. Boston is my city pre-New York, where I spent most of my high school years and it was so strange experiencing a place several years later being significantly older. Not a lot has changed from what I noticed, other than several random new shops, new frozen yogurt places (the fro-yo craze didn't really exist in the states ten years ago), and an explosion of Starbucks on every block (seriously when did that happen?) but I realized that my perspective definitely has. It's good growing up.

YANKEE LOBSTER - Seaport district

We did quite a bit of research before we came into the city to make sure we at least got some good fresh seafood during our short trip and Yankee Lobster Co. seemed to be exactly the kind of unpretentious, family-owned, no frills place I was looking for. The food was really fresh, clean, and simple, which is the ideal way to serve seafood if you want to highlight the quality of the ingredients.

Delicious clam chowder and fish stew

Crab meat roll

Lobster roll


At night, we wandered around the Quincy Market/Faneuil Hall area, where I used to come a lot to eat and hang out when I was younger.

There was the most random farmer's market open at night here - people selling produce and fish in 10 degree weather. That's some serious dedication.

The seafood here looked so good - the fish were only a dollar a pound!

Inside the marketplace, we drooled over the baked goods at this little cookies and sweets shop.

Couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat this heathbar cookie - it was totally worth the $3!


For dinner, we went to Atlantic Fish, which I was really excited to try because it's highly rated in Boston for their fresh seafood.

Grilled calamari milano

Pan seared sea scallops over linguine in a basil pesto with artichoke hearts and pico de gallo

Maine lobster with green beans and potatoes

Grilled mahi mahi

The Captain's Platter - deep fried shrimps, scallops, clams, and cod with hand cut fries

Overall, Atlantic Fish was great and reasonably priced compared to what you would get in NY - sticker shock whenever I get off this little island happens practically every five minutes it seems. Atmosphere-wise, It was a little too date night for the suit and tie set for me but those fried shrimps really took me to another place. I love a well-cooked shrimp... and I would of course love something off of the boy's plate better than what I ordered for myself. Stealing little nibbles sometimes are the best way to go!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I realized halfway into this post that there were way too many photos to jam in one sitting. Will do a part two soon. Stay warm everyone! ☺