burger brunch at olive's

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not for the faint of heart, the burger here is one that begs to be conquered. between the two of us, the boy and i did a fine job but those fries were left not fully mastered. thinking ahead and saving room for next time.

marble grey

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reveling in the sunlight during an unusually picturesque sunday afternoon at the MoMa sculpture garden. enjoying beautiful art and these lust-worthy Bertoia chairs, wearing my still forever favorite Chloé Susanna boots.


meeko in 6D

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having way too much fun playing with the boy's new camera.
lil' puppy tunechi is happy to oblige... you just can't teach that swag, ya heard?  


the cloisters

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took a trip to the met's cloisters museum with the boy a few weeks back on my birthday. crazy that after living in this city for eleven years there are still new museums for me to explore. twenty eight feels pretty good knowing that there's still so much of the unknown to explore in this amazing city i love and the best partner in crime to do just that. 

lunch at abc kitchen

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pretzel dusted calamari with marinara and mustard aioli

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akaushi cheeseburger with pickled jalapeños and herbed mayo

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crispy flounder salad with potato chips and tartar sauce

taking a moment out of the busy week to experience a true luxury for a hard-working new yorker, weekday lunch service at the always immaculate ABC Kitchen.