schnippers, soho, and shopping surprises

Sunny Saturdays are just simply meant for strolling the streets of the city. Sunglasses in tow, sunscreen in hand, my sister, the boy and I went off to Schnippers to taste test some fish tacos my co-workers raved about this past week.

Located in the New York Times building on 41st and 8th ave., it's one of those unassuming American food destinations that you walk by daily and in the aftermath of having consumed everything on your Schnippers plate, regret terribly for never having gone in before to eat their take on all the great American classics.

Apparently, they're quite famous for their meatier items like Sloppy Joe's - and while you guys know I don't eat meat, I was really tempted to snatch the absolutely perfect-looking chicken tenders off the pile of french fries from the table of people sitting behind me. Those little kid would never notice... right? ;)

Our plate of grilled mahi-mahi fish tacos and sweet potato fries. I would say that the fish tacos aren't as good as something you'll find at La Esquina, but the ones at Schnippers are very hearty as they don't skimp out on giving you a big portion of fish! Good for those days when you've somehow managed to skip breakfast and lunch time rolls around at 2pm and you're stomach is not a happy camper. I ordered them spicy but I wouldn't advise that to people who are afraid of some serious heat - they're not playing around with those peppers.

I went over to Madison Square Park to get some cupcakes from the Cupcake Stop truck and was head-over-heels happy to see this temporary Prius solar panel installation that gives New Yorkers a place to sit, relax, and enjoy some free wi-fi and a place to recharge our beloved gadgets.

I really wish this weren't temporary! Sitting here and looking at these solar paneled flowers, made me really think about the disturbing gap between what technology can do for us, and what we allow it to do.

Beautiful addition to the skyline no?

After cupcakes, we went to Soho to take a peek at new fall items that are rolling into stores and somehow, I managed to find a pair of Phi biker boots that I've been obsessing over for what seems ages. The shoe gods officially love me.

Outfit details: The Reformation white silk top, Chloé silk and lace skirt, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle sandals, vintage python aviators.

Our day ended with a few moments of oogling Vespas at a nearby Vespa dealer and I fell in love with the idea of getting a Vespa despite the fact that I'm a.) terrified of driving and b.) not really qualified to do so. Hey I'm a New Yorker, I have a subway license ;) Anyway, a girl can dream right? We all want to have our Roman Holiday moment à la Audrey Hepburn...

Hmm but maybe if I could have my pick, I'd go for this insane Vespa of the future! I think it'd be just perfect to take my new Phi boots on a spin around town on this Bat-mo-vespa, no?

cupcake stop

I wrote about my serendipitous run-in with the cupcake truck in a post a little while back and ever since that small taste I had of the deliciously cute red velvet and oreo crumb mini cupcakes, I've been craving to go back to get a proper assortment of full-sized cupcakes to dive into from the Cupcake Stop truck. A beautiful Saturday afternoon seemed like the perfect opportunity for such an occasion, and I used my handy Twitter application on my iPhone to track out where the Cupcake stop truck would be parked today through their twitter feed that let's you know their fresh flavors for the day and where they'll be parked.

I walked over to Madison Square Park, where they're often parked (ahem what could be a more perfect dessert than a mini cupcake post-Shake Shack burger?) and was happy to see that their flavors for the day were Red Velvet, Chocolate Marble, Oreo Crumb, Sprinkle Surprise, and my personal favorite, the Elvis.

One of the best things about the Cupcake Stop is that they bake their cupcakes fresh everyday and to keep regulars happy, they offer a different daily special feature cupcake. Other popular sweet-tooth food destinations such as Momofuku for their dessert bar and Shake Shack for their custard follow similar "flavor feature" models, but the Cupcake Stop is the first I've come across in the cupcake realm that is constantly experimenting with what new flavor they can come up with next. While classics like the Red Velvet will never lose its staying power, just like a good Chanel 2.55 handbag or a pair of Converse all-stars, there's nothing like a little variety in what you expose your tastebuds to that defines my daily partaking in la joie de vivre.

Since freshness is key with all baked goods, the cupcakes they don't sell at the end of the day (which by the way, I don't believe is often since they seem to be sold out all the time!) are donated to City Harvest, NYC's much-loved food rescue program.

Assortments of today's flavors packaged and ready to be purchase and devoured!

Mini cupcakes: the Elvis + Sprinkle Surprise

the Elvis - the king of rock and roll and apparently, now the king of cupcakes ;)

Sprinkle Surprise!

Oreo Crumb + Red Velvet - Cupcake Stop best-sellers that are always on the daily menu. I would definitely recommend both.

I wouldn't mind waking up to this every morning. Now that would redefine breakfast in bed ;)

I did manage to grab a few cards that you can trade in for one free mini cupcake from my new friends at the Cupcake Stop and would love to pass it along to any of you New Yorkers who have yet to sample one of their cupcakes! Let me know and I'll be happy to mail it to the first five people who ask. Bon appetit!!


la esquina: buckle up

I got a call while I was at work that my Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle sandals that I pre-ordered were finally ready for pick up!! I went today after work and while I was walking there, I felt my heart seriously racing. sigh... it's shoe love.

After I picked it up, the boy and I ran across the street to tear my package open so as not to embarrass myself inside the store - but he made me wait so that we could take some photos to show you guys how cute the packaging was. I'm not proud to say that patience is not one of my greatest virtues despite all the crazy shredding/studding that I force upon myself.

Opening Ceremony would have crazy cute red bandana wrapping paper...


ahhhhh buckle heaven

To anyone that's wondering, they're actually really comfortable. It's nicely lined on the inside so it's really comfortable to walk in - especially since I'm so used to torturing my feet in 6-7 inch heels. This is a nice, foot-friendly change of pace.

The western buckle detailing is what had me at hello... If I were to even go so far as to personify my shoes, I would say that these Opening Ceremony's are like my beloved Chloé Susan's cool little sister. They were quite an investment but I can see myself wearing these out and having them resoled multiple times like all my other loved shoes!

Outfit details: Alexander Wang cardigan, T by Alexander Wang tank dress, Chloé Odessa bag, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony sandals

The weather is being particularly amazing these past couple of days to my delight!! After changing into my new shoes, we walked over to La Esquina to sit outside and enjoy some drinks and fish tacos. As promised from one of my previous posts, I took better photos in good light so you could see their amazing food!

Grilled fish tacos - I'm always on the lookout for great fish tacos and they are seriously some of the best I've EVER had. The best I've had in the city for sure. Would love to hear some other recommendations if any of you guys are fish taco fans!

Mexican street corn. Some people think that Cafe Habana has the best grilled corn in the city... hmmm I beg to differ! The cotija cheese rolled all over this baby is just mouth-wateringly good.

Grilled string beans

We went up to the roof tonight to play fetch with Meeko and enjoyed this beautiful sunset

Goodnight everyone! Hope you're all having a great week!! xx


rewind, repeat, transform

It's so good to be back in New York after being in Texas for a week. Nothing like cozying up with Meeko on the bed, watching a mini marathon of Law and Order SVU with the sound of dull-muted sirens and street traffic at 2am to put me to sleep.

This past weekend was absolutely beautiful - perfect weather to stretch Meeko's legs and take him for long walks.

I scored these vintage Wrangler shorts while I was in Texas - love the leather patch on the back pocket - yee haw ;)

We walked through Little Italy late Saturday afternoon and it was absolute madness -vacant and quiet streets during the colder months now transformed into a crowded area, jam-packed with tourists and hungry pedestrians looking to hosts and hostesses to lure them into their restaurants with the hopes of tasting a bit of authentic New Yorkian Italy.

You can really feel it in the air here how much he's missed. This art work particularly resonated with me because I loved how this worked so well with what was already there. I can't think of any other image that could represent so clearly NY's sentiments for the late MJ.

Meeko has permanent imprints on the sides of his eyes that remind me of wing-tipped eyeliner. quite the diva.


This little Japanese restaurant on Saint Marks is still after more than eight years, one of my favorite places to eat in the city. I would definitely recommend it to people who aren't afraid of a little adventure when they eat - no California rolls here. They're really well-known for their yakitori (grilled skewers). Back in the day when I still ate meat, I was known to polish off quite a few grilled chicken meat balls with a glass of Kirin.

Spicy Tuna Don with a soft-boiled egg

Ika geso: squid legs in a scrumptiously salty butter sauce

Summer special - assorted sauteed mushrooms

Grilled mentai onigiri. Oh onigiri... such perfectly portioned, practical/functional food could only come from Japanese cuisine.

Tuna avocado salad

Mentai potatoes: thickly cut french fries to be dipped in rich mentai sauce. You have to get this if you dine at Taisho. key words - HAVE TO.

I was really happy to run into the infamous Cupcake Truck while I was walking back home. I've been following them on Twitter for quite some time but how beautifully serendipitous to run into the truck right as I'm jonesin' for a red velvet fix - the small pleasures in life ;)