snacktime at landbrot

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 photo DSC02084.jpg
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stumbled into this place on the way to eat dinner. a glass or two of beer can't hurt if i had some time to kill, right? not sure how that BREZEL the size of my head came into the picture but sometimes when it's wrong, it tastes oh-so-amazingly-right.

Read more about it here on my yelp review!


highlights so far

 photo FL13ABERARDILOOK15.jpg
the most ideal and practical fur patchwork sweatshirt to wear over the perfect
flippy pleated skirt to wear when one wants, no needs, to sashay about

antonio berardi // fall 13 // via style.com

that perfect quilted two piece i've been looking for all my life when i want to
get my kimchi on. here's looking at you, napa cabbage.

creatures of comfort // fall 13 // via style.com


meeko meet nemo

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 photo DSC02084.jpg
trying to convince this little rascal that pile ups of snow on our roof is not an open invitation to a dogs only all you can eat snow cone buffet. worried mom: 0. gleefully amused bystander: 1.


silver space

floating in a dreamy silver haze after a perfect night of great food and better yet, an evening of beautiful jazz. the sound of a muted trumpet speaks to me in a way clearer than the sound of a voice, how free it is to sit back without barriers and let the sounds just float freely in.