french breakfasts at the bristol

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one of the best luxuries to indulge in while on vacation is having really long leisurely breakfasts on a week day. the kind where you order a proper sized pastry basket, filled with all the best that butter and flour can offer (i.e. brioche, baguette, pain au chocolat, croissant), a huge pot of steaming french-pressed coffee, and a glass of freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice. add along to the equation one of the most beautiful hotels in paris as your setting and the best gal pal a girl could ever ask for as company, and that's magic in the making.


moments in monet's giverny

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monet has always been one of my favorite artists, there's something intensely passionate behind the simplicity of his subject matter. a man that appreciated the beauty of passing moments and captured those truths for us to see through his eyes. also his dedication to creating his own nature and ultimately controlling his own subject matter, really fascinates me. the best examples of these efforts culminate at giverny, where monet lived and painted until his passing. to walk through his gardens, view his beloved water lily ponds from his small wooden bridge, was an experience i will never forget.

i would recommend visiting giverny before viewing his last monumental work, Les Nymphéas, that's housed at the Musée de l'Orangerie in Paris. seeing the real thing first hand and then viewing his final paintings of the water lily series is very special. you pick up on certain things that you might not understand otherwise, like how sharply shades of green can change with the light, and the small details that pick up on the beauty of the reflections in the water. 

georges at the pompidou

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burrata with heirloom tomatoes

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pictures from a delicious lunch i enjoyed at restaurant le georges, that's housed on top of the centre pompidou museum, one of my favorite places in paris. not only is it part of one of the best museums in the world, but it really has one of the most stunning views of the city, you could spend hours up here just enjoying the view and drinking un, deux, trois shots of espresso.


moroccan dining at 404

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one of my most memorable meals during my recent trip to paris was here, at 404. the color and vibrancy of the plates alone set the tone for the meal, where the explosion of flavorful spices and casual al fresco patio setting was a real all around treat for a foodie like me. every dish had a certain je ne sais quois flavor profile that i just couldn't place, which made me love it even more. definitely a must while in paris.


moments in paris: part one

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trying to sort through and organize hundreds of photos after a whirlwind holiday in paris. here's the first of many photo diaries to come!

1. ginger
2. place vendôme
3. rive gauche
4. palais royal
5. champs-élysées
6. comme des garçons
7. élyseé palace
8. rose bakery
9. near centre pompidou