across the bridge

details. acne metal leather jacket. illesteva sunglasses. yigal azrouel cardigan. proenza schouler boots. chanel bag.

the boy and i spent a few days out in brooklyn, staycation style, to celebrate our anniversary. i think between the two of us we drank about eight shots of espresso a day and still managed to take three hour mid-day naps.

it was a welcome getaway from the hustle bustle of manhattan city life and our cramped apartment space where there always seems to be one meeko too many... for a nine pound pup, he has the habit of taking up a lot of space (and my entire side of the bed). craving to have a living space to stretch my legs, buy some decent (large!!) furniture and have a closet where i can actually see the clothes i own rather than wake up to a mass blob of fabric every morning. brooklyn do i dare cross the bridge and stay forever??

roberta's in bushwick

the beastmaster with sausage, gorgonzola cheese, jalapeños, capers, and red onions

classic bloody mary and campari cocktail

brussels sprouts with pancetta, egg, and buttermilk

one of many amazing brooklyn restaurants worth the trek outside of my manhattan comfort zone. roberta's is cooking up some awesomely delicious pizzas with clever names that are just as epic. in addition to pizza, i would definitely recommend getting the brussels sprouts, not only to sneak in a healthy dose of veggies in between gulping bites of steaming hot cheesy meaty pizza, but also because their b.sprouts are just damn good.

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a night at il buco alimentari & vineria

foie gras

shaved brussels sprouts salad

spaghetti al nero with salted cod

sister restaurants to one of my all time favorite nyc restaurants, il buco, il buco alimentari & vineria is the perfect low-key option for a casual dinner date. their menu is ever-changing but if you get a chance and it's on the menu, the spaghetti al nero and the shaved brussel sprouts are not to be missed.

read more about it on my yelp review here!