This past weekend, the boy surprised me with a quick getaway trip to Southampton for some much needed adventure. The picturesque train ride, made even better by a steaming hot soy latte and great company, reminded me that there was life (and real foliage) outside of the city. Staying cooped up in the city for so long sometimes makes me forget what natural landscape is...

Outfit details: Chloé bell sleeve cardigan with attached scarf, Chloé silk floral blouse, Topshop moto skinny jeans, Chloé paraty bag and susan boots


One of my favorite highlights of this trip was our breakfast at Tate's bakery. They're most well-known for their chocolate chip cookies (a bit too crunchy for my taste and my heart belongs to Levain bakery's cookies), but I think that their other baked goods should get some more credit.

As if their delectable treats weren't adorable enough, the bakery is actually a little house - picket white fence included. I'm a sucker for all restaurants/cafes/bakeries with outdoor seating so this place in my book automatically gets about a 50pt bonus.

I let out a mini *gasp* when I bit into this raisin scone. Yes - it was that good.

Peanut butter and flax seed "health" cookie - somewhat acceptable to eat for breakfast? ☺

Cinnamon bun - the boy pretty much gobbled this little guy up in a few minutes flat. Unlike a lot of cinnamon buns, this one is really fluffy and soft with equally as perfect frosting. The end result is kind of like eating a cloud of cushioney, pillow-like sweet cinnamon dough whilst getting sticky gooey frosting all over your lips and fingers. Wouldn't have it any other way while eating a cinnamon bun - if you're going to go there, I say go all the way.


I was most excited on this trip to go apple picking because what could possibly be better to do on a beautiful fall day in the countryside?

They also had lots of lovely produce to choose from - locavores eat your heart out!


venieros and st. dymphnas: fall classics

This past weekend was a lovely mix of everything I needed to recooperate from a long, exhausting work week. Delicious late night italian treats, uncomplicated and ridiculously easy shopping for the boy's new fall wardrobe, plentiful shoe ogling and consequential post-ogle shoe purchasing, sleeping in til 2 on Sunday followed by the perfect brunch with one too many bloody marys that pack a punch. oh and french fries with curry. can't forget that.


Veniero's is one of those well-established Italian bakeries that has been around in NY since the late 1890s - there are only a handful of them still up and running but this one is still my favorite.

If you like fruit tarts, you should try one of the mini fruit tarts here. They are bite-sized and filled with insanely good custard.

Classic tiramisu

One of the top two things I'd recommend from Veniero's is their cheesecake - it's consistently been rated one of the best cheesecakes in New York. It doesn't look like much but this tiny guy is quite the powerhouse for all you cheesecake lovers out there.

My personal favorite is the classic cannoli with pistachio bits. The cinnamon crunchy outer shell that mixes in with the creamy sweet frosting filling when you bite into this baby is quite the "i hear harps playing in the sky" kind of an experience. The boy knows not to ask me to share when I eat one of these babies - yes it's just that good.


Nothing quite like two perfect bloody marys to sum up the allure of the ideal Sunday brunch. I'm always keeping my eye out for new places to try this drink out for the boy's sake - we actually both get a kick out of going around to different places to scope out New York's "best of's". This might be the best I've had to date in the city but there's always the St. Regis..

Apple rings with peanut butter and granola

Classic hamburger with cheddar cheese and fries

French fries with curry dipping sauce. I think we powered through this big bowl in about 5 minutes flat. It's so worth it to burn the roof of your mouth when it comes to eating french fries at their ideal temperature. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Outfit details: Phi wool sweater, Chloé bag, Chloe S. x Opening Ceremony buckle boots, Wolford tights

I've been wearing this sweater nonstop since I bought it - a.) because it's insanely warm and b.) i love the beautiful braided leather button detailing at the neckline. Unexpected luxe details + classic hunter green color make this sweater a surefire fall staple.