young love

We met when we were just young kids lost in this big city. Six years later I still feel like the first day we met, having fun doing nothing and everything. Thanks for being my best friend. ♡ forever.

sunday brunch at gemma

I love lazy Sundays when you can stay in bed hiding under the covers toasty and warm, pretending like you never have to wake up. Of course, the appeal of Sunday brunch always manages to help get me out of bed! Nothing quite like a bloody mary and basket of freshly baked pastries to kick start an afternoon of nothing but relaxation.

I'm starting to really appreciate the sudden new lineup of great restaurants on Bowery, like Peels, Pulinos, and DBGB, but I still do love the old standbys like Gemma at the Bowery Hotel.

Salad with watercress, pears, almonds, and gorgonzola. The salty bite of the gorgonzola is a genius addition to this salad. I made a mental note to do this at home!

Baked Eggs with avocado and prosciutto served with tomato sauce, fontina cheese, and tuscan toast

Contadina pizza with organic eggs, mushrooms, fontina, truffle oil. I can't tell you how delicious this smells when they bring it out to you. The smell of truffle oil over a hot steaming pizza is overwhelming - heaven.


blog shop update!

I finally got around to posting some new items on Shop MDR! There are lots of great outerwear pieces, knits, and tops/dresses to wear for the holidays.

Send me an email to shopmdr@gmail.com if you're interested and make sure to follow me on twitter if you want to be in on the latest blog shop updates!


fall flavor

Pumpkin pie at one of my favorite places to eat, Urth Caffe Santa Monica

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'll be spending my Thanksgiving holiday with my lil'sis and Meeko making/eating pumpkin pie, taking a few much appreciated days off of work (yay for mini vacations!), and braving the tourist shopping crowds on madness NYC Black Friday (say hi if you see a cranky old lady standing in the corner wearing sneakers and sweatpants because that will be me ).

I hope everyone has a delicious meal and is enjoying time with family and loved ones.

gros bisous ♡♡


redondo beach

Redondo beach on a deserted Monday afternoon: eating freshly shucked oysters and steamed crab, bird watching on the pier, sitting on a bench looking out at the ocean view, discussing all the possibilities of the next years of our lives, soaking in the happiness of living in the moment.

Outfit details: T by Alex Wang shirt, Chloé dress and platform shoes, Of Two Minds suede jacket.

August 21, 1853

Have you really not noticed, then, that here of all places, in this private, personal solitude that surrounds me, I have turned to you? All the memories of my youth speak to me as I walk, just as the sea shells crunch under my feet on the beach. The crash of every wave awakens far-distant reverberations within me.

I hear the rumble of bygone days, and in my mind the whole endless series of old passions surges forward like the billows. I remember my spasms, my sorrows, gusts of desire that whistled like wind in the rigging, and vast vague longings that swirled in the dark like a flock of wild gulls in a storm cloud.

On whom should I lean, if not on you? My weary mind turns for refreshment to the thought of you as a dusty traveler might sink onto a soft and grassy bank.

- Gustave Flaubert to his wife Louise Colet

tu me manques ♥


spitz in little tokyo

Wandering around Little Tokyo after a delicious meal of street cart french fries and salad at Spitz. This area reminded me somewhat of New York's East Village if only for the random smattering of Japanese ramen and yakitori spots.

Outfit details: Helmut Lang knitted hooded vest, Of Two Minds suede jacket, H&M long-sleeve knitted dress, Phi boots, Chanel 2.55


sunset on santa monica pier

November 2, 1856

I already love in you your beauty, but I am only beginning to love in you that which is eternal and ever precious - your heart, your soul. Beauty one could get to know and fall in love with in one hour and cease to love it as speedily; but the soul one must learn to know. Believe me, nothing on earth is given without labour, even love, the most beautiful and natural of feelings.

- Count Leo Tolstoy to Valeria Arsenev