across the bridge

details. acne metal leather jacket. illesteva sunglasses. yigal azrouel cardigan. proenza schouler boots. chanel bag.

the boy and i spent a few days out in brooklyn, staycation style, to celebrate our anniversary. i think between the two of us we drank about eight shots of espresso a day and still managed to take three hour mid-day naps.

it was a welcome getaway from the hustle bustle of manhattan city life and our cramped apartment space where there always seems to be one meeko too many... for a nine pound pup, he has the habit of taking up a lot of space (and my entire side of the bed). craving to have a living space to stretch my legs, buy some decent (large!!) furniture and have a closet where i can actually see the clothes i own rather than wake up to a mass blob of fabric every morning. brooklyn do i dare cross the bridge and stay forever??

roberta's in bushwick

the beastmaster with sausage, gorgonzola cheese, jalapeños, capers, and red onions

classic bloody mary and campari cocktail

brussels sprouts with pancetta, egg, and buttermilk

one of many amazing brooklyn restaurants worth the trek outside of my manhattan comfort zone. roberta's is cooking up some awesomely delicious pizzas with clever names that are just as epic. in addition to pizza, i would definitely recommend getting the brussels sprouts, not only to sneak in a healthy dose of veggies in between gulping bites of steaming hot cheesy meaty pizza, but also because their b.sprouts are just damn good.

read more about it on my yelp review here!


a night at il buco alimentari & vineria

foie gras

shaved brussels sprouts salad

spaghetti al nero with salted cod

sister restaurants to one of my all time favorite nyc restaurants, il buco, il buco alimentari & vineria is the perfect low-key option for a casual dinner date. their menu is ever-changing but if you get a chance and it's on the menu, the spaghetti al nero and the shaved brussel sprouts are not to be missed.

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giving thanks

details // helmut lang shearling denim jacket // fox fur scarf // t by alex wang neoprene skirt //
the reformation silk tee // givenchy lace up boots //

giving thanks for all the good - friendships, family, long-lived romance, happy healthy meeko, working and living in this amazing city i love, and all of you readers! i hope everyone has an amazing day filled with delicious food and new memories made around the table.

for dinner tonight i'm making a roasted chicken, truffled mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts and butternut squash with bacon, pear and lemon kale salad with parmigiano reggiano, and pumpkin pie!


five way leather

details // acne metal leather jacket // veda max suede jacket // sister-made leather bandana //
chanel bag // balenciaga boots // acne above linen oversized tee //

beating the november cold by layering up my leather favorites. photos taken post-saturday date night with the boy at a local wine bar The Immigrant. really love their casual but still intimate vibe. perfect for midnight conversations over dark red wine. 


pho in silverlake

pho chay: vegetable rice noodle soup with tofu, mushrooms, and fresh herbs

bun cha gio thit nuong: vermicelli rice noodles with egg rolls, charbroiled lemongrass steak, peanuts, and fresh herbs

after countless nights of extravagant rich work dinners, the fresh herbs and aromatic flavors at pho cafe in silverlake really hit the mark. kudos to LA's resident 2cool4school blogger stopitrightnow for the rec.

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hold on to me

details. handsome coffee roasters. vintage leather and chain box bag

it's been a lifetime since my trip to sunny LA. thatbiyatchsandy and big bird politics really through me for a loop. only a few short sweet hours i have to revel in all being right with the world before this nor'easter comes barreling our way. praying for this to pass without leaving a path of chaos. 


umami lips

tempura battered onion rings

pickle plate

smushed potatoes - double fried creamer potatoes

umami burger left: shiitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms, parmesan crisp, and umami ketchup
truffle burger right: house-made truffle cheese and truffle glaze

lunch at umami burger should be a multi-course affair. sit back, order yourself a drink, relax, mull over every option on the menu, negotiate with your belly what will be the conquest of the day. compromise comes by promising to return to try the other five burgers that are calling out your name. the pickle plate is a must to counterbalance everything else. eating your veggies totally makes up for double fried creamer potatoes dipped in garlic aioli and tempura batter onions rings, right?

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silver sunlight

details. complex geometries tee. stylestalker perforated shorts. balboa beach.

feeling completely free on a day so beautiful the seconds pricked tiny pins into our marshmallow clouds. with silver sunlight chasing after us, we sped through these sandy beaches and the warmth of sea salt breezes filled each moment with love and laughter.


mornings at vinegar hill house

la colombe cold brew

chef's beer

sunny duck egg with fried bread, samba, and confit

poached eggs with spinach and buttered wheat toast

roasted potatoes and sour cream

absolutely perfect in every way, two hour morning brunches at Vinegar Hill House on a windy Saturday could not be any more lovely. soft poached eggs in all their gooey dippable glory, seriously on point wilted spinach, buttery cripsy salty seven-grain toast... and to wash it all down my favorite cold brew coffee and magical chef's beer concoction.

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summer in the city x instagram

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octopus salami at rosemary's // hamachi tataki at blue ribbon sushi izakaya // favorite acai rio bowl from juicy lucy

happy hour at my local bar // illesteva sunglasses and big gay ice cream // la tur at murray's cheese bar

favorite poison green jacket rag & bone spring 13 // serene helmut lang showroom // july fourth view

ice blue nails and catbird rings // front of the mosh pit at impromptu eminem concert // noguchi at storm king

birthday wishes at the standard grill // sunset and rachmaninoff in washington square park // yayoi at the whitney

deviled eggs with caviar at black market // food heaven at brooklyn's five leaves // late night nachos in a pizza box

music and love at le poisson rouge // meeko and happiness in the mornings // murky waters and dark secrets at le bain

chanel little black jacket exhibition // sunday braids // liquid balenciaga and golden chloés


sundays at saturdays surf

equipment riley tee. clover canyon pants. balenciaga cuff. chanel 2.55

spending a leisurely hour at saturdays surf nyc stocking up on the perfect tees for the boy. throw in a shot of espresso from their in-store la colombe coffee bar and you've got yourself a perfect afternoon.

sunday brunch at saxon + parole

sloe gin fizz [plymouth sloe gin, fresh lemon, and soda]
bloody caesar [krogstad aquavit, clamato juice, dill, coriander salt, and a freshly shucked oyster]

the big “BLAT” [bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, toasted homemade seven grain bread, and smoked paprika mayo]

the S+P dry aged Angus burger [served with pennsylvania havarti, maple bacon, and a fried egg]

living closely to Saxon + Parole definitely has it's perks. massive "BLAT" sandwich I can barely hold together with two hands served on maybe some of my most favorite bread ever being one of them. juicy burger served with a fried egg on some of the most buttery delicious homemade brioche bread another one. delicious and inventive cocktails, are just another highlight that takes this place from good to great.

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