blue ribbon sushi izakaya

smoked pork belly with pickled onions

shisito peppers with maldon sea salt

fried chicken with wasabi honey

squid ink and uni risotto

a welcome addition to the neighborhood's restaurant scene, blue ribbon sushi izakaya at the thompson lower east side is a great casual option amongst a sea of reservation only or one + hour wait tables nearby.

anywhere that I can get my sticky fingers on some lightly-battered fried chicken and can simultaneously dig into heaps of uni over squid ink risotto is A-ok in my book.

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weeknight romance

Paul Gasenhemier

LIFE magazine

i'm singing an improvised version of nearness of you in bed. i stop because i think you've lost interest but you ask me to continue. our little apartment smells like the dinner you cooked for us but all i can feel is meeko's warm breath on my shoulder and his tiny heartbeat. there's a constant hum in my head of the remnant's of today but i try to focus on the happy minutes we have here. where it's family and piles of blankets and furious inspiration. 


rosemary's west village

rosemary's focaccia

chopped salad "siciliana"

octopus salami

orecchiette with broccoli rabe and homemade sausage

view from the rooftop garden

alexander wang bag. clover canyon top. acne shorts. illesteva sunglasses. see by chloé shoes.

Rosemary's is beautiful. I love the concept, the adorable rooftop garden, and how well the whole space has been executed. On a quiet Friday afternoon, it felt like a retreat away from the intolerable summer heat that's been plaguing the city for the past few months. I happily indulged in having the entire afternoon off by enjoying a long lunch including a glass of crisp vernaccia and several delicious small plates to share. The orecchiette with homemade sausage was delicious and chewy but if I had to choose I would definitely recommend octopus salami, if anything just to gape at how simply pretty it is.

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murray's cheese bar

rainbeau ridge meridian, la tur, uplands cheese co. pleasant ridge, 12 year aged proscuitto

clover honey, candied pecans, chipotle carrots

La Tur from Piedmont, Italy

Murray's Cheese is no contest one of the most exciting food shops in Manhattan. Complete heavenly sensory overload - my strategy is to just grab everything in sight for the first five minutes in a wild free for all and then hole myself in a corner and bring myself back to reality by editing my cart. So when I heard that Murray's was opening up a cheese bar... game. over.

oh new york you're too good to me and my happily obliging taste buds.

The experience at Murray's Cheese Bar definitely didn't disappoint. The very next day I was already talking about how badly I wanted to go back and have recommended it to about everyone I know. So here I am sharing this little gem of cheese perfection with you. If you're coming to new york soon and love cheese - this is the place to go.

read more about it on my yelp review here!