emporio by candelight

I love the rustic interior of this Emporio that's met with equally comforting homemade pastas and pizzas. A great place to go with friends for an intimate dinner for 4.

Gorgonzola with delicious sprinkles of sweet honey - made a mental note to self to make this at home

Buffalo mozzarella and black olive ravioli with heirloom tomatos and baby zucchini

Seafood pasta special of the night

Fettucine style squid ink pasta with New Zealand cockles, shrimp, and bottarga

tartinery - a little taste of france

I love this little sandwich place in Nolita that serves deliciously simple tartines - perfect for a quick lunch or a light weeknight dinner.

Poulet rôti tartine with roast farm chicken, herb mayo, shaved fennel, and olive oil

Croque Madame tartine cooked ham chiffonade, gruyere cheese, béchamel, and a fried egg on top

Nutella Banane tartine - toasted multigrain baguette with nutella and banana. Simple but heavenly.

Rag & Bone/Refinery29

For any of you lovely New Yorkers looking for a way to escape the gloomy storm this evening, please come join me and the Rag & Bone team for a night of foosball, beer, and a chance to shop their amazing Fall 2010 collection.

Image from Refinery 29's write up. Click for more details!

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


good morning classic at pulino's

Arugula and fennel salad with pinenuts, pecorino, and lemon

Patate Pizza with eggs, potato, sausage, mozzarella, fontina, and green onions

The thought of pizza for breakfast might be a stretch for most but really biting into one of these crispy squares of Potato breakfast pizza at Pulino's broke all preconceived notions of the classic pizza. If anything, the combination of these toppings just made so much food sense that it seemed almost ridiculous that I've gone so long without having tasted these flavors before. An easy reminder for myself that you should be open to an experience without judgement. Potato breakfast pizza, see you next Sunday.

the mermaid inn - west village

I really love stopping in at The Mermaid Inn for $1 oyster hour - what could be better than fresh oysters at a price where you won't feel guilty eating a dozen (or two) on your own!

Now you see 'em...

Now you don't!

To make life more perfect, they also give you a free cup of chocolate pudding at the end of your meal (secretly I look forward to eating this pudding the whole time I'm there).


Spring '11 - Wayne

The leather detailing at Wayne was really gorgeous - I love the idea of insanely thick leather belt wrapped around my waist. If only that was practical and I never had to sit down in front of a computer for the major part of the day.