grandaisy: two timing

This past Sunday was gorgeous and to soak it all up, I spent half of the day in the park with my sister and the boy, on a blanket, armed with peanut butter frozen yogurt, an issue of Vogue, and a bag of soy crisps. I ended up having the most peaceful mid-afternoon nap and woke up very relaxed. Nothing quite like a good nap. I wore out some new goods I bought at the Intermix warehouse sale, including these cute scalloped shorts and my new favorite leopard scarf. Seems to me that everyone these days in the blog world has leopard fever :)

Post Central Park, we walked over to Grandaisy Bakery, known to have some of the best bread in NYC, to pick up a quick snack.

Don't let the sparse interior fool you - their bread packs a punch!

What better for a snack then a thin, delectably crunchy and crispy pizza loaded with thin slivers of potatoes and onions with a light sprinkling of rosemary. Speaking of potato pizzas, one of the best things I ever ate in my entire life was a steaming hot slice of potato pizza in Rome - you know one of those meals where you take that first bite and you literally feel your taste buds thanking you voraciously. I wish memory included taste sensation so that I could relive that night again and again.

After all these years of living here, I've become quite biased and obsessed with extra thin crust pizza - it's just the way pizza was meant to be. Grandaisy's patate pizza has an unusual thin crust that is incredibly sturdy - the perfect structure to hold heavy toppings! Most NYC thin crusts are a bit wobbly where you end up having to fold the thing over like a sandwich - but I'm not complaining!

After work on Tuesday, I walked by Bryant Park and witnessed the tents being put up for Spring/Summer 2010 Fashion Week that starts next week! Can you believe it? It's the start of fall!! The sudden drop in temperature for the past couple of days has got me super excited for fall dressing, so much so that I decided to wear tights with shorts for the first time in months. I hope I get to bump into some of you lovely ladies and gents in New York next week at the shows!

Outfit 1 details: Alex Lane shorts, Enza Costa t-shirt, Chanel Cambon flats, Intermix leopard scarf

Outfit 2 details: Chloé bell sleeve sweater, Alex Lane shorts, H&M tights, Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony buckle boots


alinta: what do you think is the most important quality for a girl (or anyone for that matter) to have in this day and age?
Understanding how to balance independence and dependence.

anonymous: how old are you? what do you do for a living?
I'm in my early 20s and I work in buying for women's contemporary clothing.

sugarxnspice: i'm curious to know.. what're your hobbies?
I like taking walks with Meeko, going to Central Park and various dog parks, watching movies at the theater and at home on Netflix (which is the best thing ever!), going out and discovering new places to eat/shop/relax in the city.

amie: is your hair naturally wavy and voluminous or do you style it? And in the latter case, how?
My hair is naturally wavy, but I do style it with a 1-inch barrel curling iron. I've found that it's so much quicker to style long hair with a curling iron - blow dryers take forever and it's pretty much impossible to fake a professional blow out.

anonymous: how do you care for your skin/hair and what products do you use?
I don't like using products for my skin that have parabens so I try to look for alternative brands - I really like the antioxidant serum from Juice Beauty and I'm testing out a skin care line called Canyon Ranch, which smells amazing. I also wear Neutrogena sunscreen everyday. To keep long hair looking healthy, I recommend doing hair masks at least once a week. My favorite hair mask is Frederic Fekkai Protein RX reparative treatment mask - it smells like vanilla ice cream.

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend - hopefully I'll have some good photos to share with you guys!! ♥♥


la maison du chocolat, minamoto kitchoan, and cafe fiorello: japanese bakeries and chocolate houses

This past Monday, the boy met me after work and we somehow managed to immediately acquire sweet treats from two separate but both equally amazing dessert places around the neighborhood. Dangerous territory 5th avenue... never mind the over-hyped over-frosted Magnolias that seem to be popping up all over the city, the true hidden gems in the 50s and 5th ave are La Maison du Chocolat and Minamoto Kitchoan.

La Maison du Chocolat

I've never been much of a chocolate fanatic but I hear one nibble of their dark chocolate here will send a chocoholic to a very special place :) Their macarons are a bit more my taste - they're insanely rich though so one tiny box will last for quite a while!

Minamoto Kitchoan

There is just something so beautifully cohesive when it comes to Japanese food and their language - one really mirrors the other and walking into a classic Japanese bakery proves the point.

Blushing peaches - almost too pretty to eat!

This is one of my favorites - kurimanjyu, light cakey shell filled with a slightly sweet chestnut filling

Maccha manjyu - green tea mochi

The weather ended up being too good to be true and after my appetite was really stirred by my own version of an early evening amuse bouche, we walked uptown to Lincoln Center to have dinner outside at a place I used to go all the time back in the day, Café Fiorello. It's perfect for a summer night when the weather is spectacular, you'd like to dine outside, and some white wine and light flakey crusted pizza sounds like the perfect meal.

Fair warning carb-fearing people, Fiorello's focaccia is sinfully good. The small flecks of sea salt really seal the deal :)

Italian version of a tuna niçoise salad made with really good quality italian tuna in olive oil. Pouring salad dressing on this kind of flavor is kind of a crime - no dressing needed!

Vegetarian pizza with artichokes, wild mushrooms, eggplant, and peppers

Ingenious usage of flakey, crispy dough underneath and as a surprise topping on top of the pizza. Nothing says a good pizza like the perfect crunch.

Outfit details: Chloé skirt, Madewell denim shirt, Chloé saskia tote, Chloé wool motorcycle ankle boots

Refinery29 did a really fun write up about fashion + food bloggers and I was very surprised and flattered to see myself included in this group of lovely food-loving ladies! I think a dinner party is in order with everyone on this list in attendance! :) Click here if you haven't seen it yet!

Thanks to everyone for the great questions! I'll try to answer the Q&A in my next post - hope everyone has a great weekend!! xx


here's to september

Who's with me when I say I'm SO ready for fall to come? One of the only things that's been getting me through the past couple of weeks of horrible humid weather, other than multiple cold showers per day and extra-icy iced coffees, has been the thought of fall: fall that will bring fall temperature, fall clothes, fall footwear, and the shows in September. I guess I'm really ready for change. I've decided to be really good this year and compile a list of things I am looking for to add to my fall/winter wardrobe and that's IT!

One of the first things I've gotten off this list is the perfect white button-up shirt. Of course I was looking for something a little... unique, but also very easy to wear so I don't have to complicate my life when I get up at 6:30am to get ready for work. Complication does not do well at 6:30 pre-caffeine.

Despite how humid the weather still felt today, I decided WEATHER BE DAMNED and I wore out my new shirt for some sister time in Soho and a late afternoon birthday party at the Chelsea piers.

Only my dear love Alex Wang would think to make the most perfect off-the-shoulder white button up, with built in peekaboo bra straps to keep the whole top from tumbling down.
ALEX ♥♥♥

Great clothes are all in the details. Detail 1 - built in bra strap to prevent uncomfortable adjustments

Detail 2: stitch detailing at the collar

Later today, I went to the Frying Pan, which is an adorable bar on a boat docked at Chelsea Piers on West Side Highway. It's a great place to have good beer/sangria and enjoy some really tasty bar food. Also doesn't hurt that buying a drink there gives you the best seat in town to experience a beautiful NY city sunset.

Outfit details: Alexander Wang top, H&M zipper bandage skirt, Chloé docs, Chloé saskia

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What is your current obsession?
Learning to choose the healthier option in life.

What is your horoscope and do you relate?
Gemini - I don't really believe in this kind of stuff.. is that a boring answer?

What are you wearing today?
Look above!

What is the last thing you bought?
A cab ride. oh and a denim shirt (it was on my list! I promise!)

What’s for dinner?
Already ate - grilled tofu and steamed kale. hm and some kettle corn while I was watching a movie.

What’s your favorite decade, fashion wise?
Now. I'm not big on reflecting on the past when it comes to fashion.

What are your must haves for summer?
I've gotten a lot of use out of my shredded shirts this summer since it's been so hot. Other than that I would have to be boring and say that I'm obsessed with sunscreen - I even keep a stick of it in my bag for mid-day reapplication.

What would you love to be able to afford?
My dream brownstone in NYC and a store to call my own.

What is your favorite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe?
A really old elephant-print cotton summer dress that I sleep in. I've had to resew the buttons on this thing so many times but I can never throw it away.

What is your dream job?
Being my own boss

What’s your favorite magazine?
I don't have one - I'm very fickle!! Other than the obvious choices, I've actually gotten to quite like Marie Claire these days. Must be Nina's magic touch!

What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
Not knowing your own style.

Describe your personal style?
ladylike pieces mixed with harder accessories

Which Beatle is your favorite?
Is it awful to say that I don't really care for the Beatles?

What are you proud of?
Being able to pay my own way

Some of you guys have emailed/commented me other questions I've unfortunately been unable to answer as of yet... I've been semi-wary of doing an actual Q&A post because I don't think I'd really say anything that interesting but it might turn out to be a fun project. Do you have any questions you'd like answered? If so ask away :)

Have a great week everyone!


xie xie: laced with flavor

I spent Saturday wandering about the city with my sister, enjoying the unbelievable weather and somehow also managed to squeeze in a semi-serious workout by renting bikes at Central Park for an hour long trek around the entire outskirts of the park. Although I am very familiar with my favorite areas of the park, I had never realized quite how gigantic the park actually is, and now having been exposed to other nooks, crannies, and gems, I really regret not taking the time to explore more of the park! Made a mental note to make time for that some other day.

I really love these Ann Demeulemeester flat lace up sandals - they are so comfortable it's ridiculous. My feet thank me for finally opting for the flat version. I know there was quite the buzz for the heeled version, but this lady right here needs to lay off purchasing heels. I say that now, but what can I do when heels make my heart swoon? Spoken like a true shoe addict.

Outfit details: Shredded shirt, Ksubi denim shorts, Ann Demeulemeester sandals, Chloé boudoir bag, the boy's Raybans

Last week, I read about this asian sandwich shop that recently opened and I knew I had to check it out after I read the menu. They only have five sandwiches on the menu, but I respect anyone's attempt at doing a few things well rather than having a whole bunch of forgettable dishes. A ballsy menu combined with the fact that Angelo Sosa (the creative mind behind the place) worked with Jean-Georges, it was pretty much a done deal from there. I showed up at this place absolutely famished after my bike ride and was glad I made my way there after tasting these two tasty tasty sandwiches.

Asian Lobster Roll: kewpie mayo, tarragon, crispy shallots

My only gripe about this sandwich if I had to let one be known is that there wasn't enough crispy shallots on it! One should never be stingy with crispy shallots.. spread the love!

Fish Cha Ca La Vong: onion jam, sriracha mayo, dill

This sandwich really packed a flavor punch! I wasn't really expecting it when I bit into it - but wow was it a flavor surprise! Dill and onion jam is just heaven. My only gripe with this sandwich? It needs to be made in a foot long version..

I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who's looking for an unconventional twist on some American classics.

Have a great week everyone!! xxo