in the ripe evening

my three essentials: the tailored jacket, a structured dress, comfortable walking shoes

details. issey miyake dress. theyskens' theory blazer. camilla skovgaard boots.

In the green morning
I wanted to be a heart.
A heart.

And in the ripe evening
I wanted to be a nightingale.
A nightingale.

turn orange-colored.
turn the color of love.)

In the vivid morning
I wanted to be myself.
A heart.

And at the evening's end
I wanted to be my voice.
A nightingale.

turn orange-colored.
turn the color of love.

Ditty of First Desire. Federico García Lorca


flor de mayo: not your mama's chicken dinner

pollo a la brasa


sweet plantains

Flor de Mayo is one of my favorite places to go when I'm craving a hearty dinner. One of the last chino-latino restaurants in Manhattan, this place is always just SO GOOD and is incredibly well-priced. Other favorites on the menu include lomo saltado, shrimp with watercress, and chicharrones de pollo. See additional pictures in my old post including the chicharrones and shrimp with watercress.

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jack's wife freda: quintessential nolita

fried zucchini chips with smoked paprika aioli

vegetable curry bowl with couscous and house chutney

bloody mary moules frites

jack’s burger with grilled tomato and fried onion served with hand-cut fries

It's amazing how much you can take a personal day to yourself for granted until your schedule doesn't allow you any free time. Spent the day yesterday doing things that relax me: early morning workout, home-cooked lunch at home with the boy, roaming around lower east side boutiques and being inspired by young entrepreneurial creativity, checking out a new low-key restaurant in nolita for a quiet dinner.

jack's wife freda is a new quintessential nolitan restaurant located in one of my favorite little intersections of manhattan, petrosino square. neighbors to some nyc institutions like osteria morini, la esquina, ed's lobster bar, spring natural, and café select, jack's wife freda is definitely hanging with a good crowd. they just started a dinner service menu that i tried last night, but i also hear breakfast and lunch here are really great. looking forward to another visit back to try their brunch menu!

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puddin' by clio: the banana cream dream

The Banana Cream Dream at Puddin' by Clio. Freshly made banana pudding, toasted graham cracker crumbs, banana cake baked in-house, and homemade whip cream.

Possibly one of the best things I've eaten in a very long time. Yes it might not be as cheap as your run of the mill JELL-O pudding cup but this is really a very small price to pay for something that will make you feel weak in the knees.

Make sure not to go too late in the day - they tend to sell out of the good flavors, which is everything.

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this land is our land

Dawn in New York has
four columns of mire
and a hurricane of black pigeons
splashing in the putrid waters.

Dawn in New York groans
on enormous fire escapes
searching between the angles
for spikenards of drafted anguish.

Dawn arrives and no one receives it in his mouth
because morning and hope are impossible there:
sometimes the furious swarming coins
penetrate like drills and devour abandoned children.

Those who go out early know in their bones
there will be no paradise or loves that bloom and die:
they know they will be mired in numbers and laws,
in mindless games, in fruitless labors.

The light is buried under chains and noises
in the impudent challenge of rootless science.
And crowds stagger sleeplessly through the boroughs
as if they had just escaped a shipwreck of blood.

Dawn. Federico García Lorca


the chocolate babka: russ & daughters

A thing of beauty - a slice of chocolate babka from one of my neighborhood favorites, Russ & Daughters. Moist, flakey, deep chocolatey flavor.

If you're not crazy about chocolate, don't be afraid to try out their cinnamon babka! Infamously known as "the lesser babka" from Seinfeld's The Dinner Party episode, I actually think the cinnamon babka is equally as delicious as the chocolate. Then again, you can't really go wrong when you're inside Russ & Daughters.

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zucker bakery: baked goods with heart on east 9th

zucker rugelach with dates, almonds and clove

love loaf with mixed nuts and fruits

alfajhores: dulce de leche filled cookie sandwich

Zucker Bakery is an adorable new addition to one of my favorite streets in the East Village, E9th. Not your typical bakery fare, you'll find interesting cookies and treats here, including dulce de leche filled cookies (amazing!!!) and mini crescent-shaped rugelachs, all for the wallet-friendly price of $1.

Order a few treats along with a cup of Stumptown coffee and you're in for a perfect afternoon.

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