dinner at narcissa

 photo IMG_7253.jpg
baked oysters with truffle-bonito butter, melted cabbage, and breadcrumbs

 photo IMG_7262.jpg
barley risotto with little neck clams, leeks, and oregano

 photo IMG_7268.jpg
brussels sprouts leaves with shaved baby roots, greens, fruits, ham, and manchego

 photo IMG_7279.jpg
maine scallops with green garlic, spaghetti squash, and golden beets

 photo IMG_7291.jpg
steamed sea bass in a french curry broth, with romanesco and toasted almonds

 photo IMG_7294.jpg
roasted hake with artichokes, clementines, endive, and tapenade

 photo IMG_7301.jpg
rotisserie roasted baby chicken with carrots, spiced sausage, in a winter truffle broth

images from a lovely saturday night double date at narcissa at the standard east hotel. real standouts include the baked oysters with truffled-bonito butter (!!!), the simple brussels sprouts leaves salad that wasn't just another roasted brussels sprouts dish, and that rotisserie baby chicken dish served in a winter truffle broth. 

tea time at dover street market

 photo IMG_7237.jpg
fresh mint tea

 photo IMG_7231.jpg

probably my absolute favorite thing about the new dover street market in new york (aside for their heartbreakingly beautiful array of sophie bille brahe pearl jewelry) is the glorious addition of rose bakery to the new york café scene. that innocent enough looking green tea cake slice packed a vibrant punch that made my tastebuds do the culinary version of a cartoonish whistle-blowing double take. and fresh mint leaves in my pot of mint tea? icing on the cake. 


saturday at scope art 2014

 photo IMG_6918.jpg
details // acne leather // 3.1 phillip lim stripe shirt & shorts // balenciaga bow tie boots // céline bag

 photo IMG_6879.jpg

 photo IMG_6906.jpg

 photo IMG_6907-1.jpg

 photo IMG_6885.jpg

 photo IMG_6883.jpg

 photo IMG_6880.jpg

 photo IMG_6873.jpg

 photo IMG_6870.jpg

 photo IMG_6868.jpg

 photo IMG_6858.jpg

 photo IMG_6862.jpg

 photo IMG_6859.jpg

 photo IMG_6867.jpg

new york was in the mid 50s today. (insert sound of glorious cheer and yippee ki yays reverberating through the city streets). decided to take full advantage and ventured out to the scope art fair - where we ended up walking around playing my favorite game "if i won the lottery i would buy..." 


sunday on lafayette street

 photo IMG_6852.jpg
details // balenciaga leather // chloé hooded jacket // chanel zipper bag

 photo IMG_6839.jpg
rosé, hyper c juice, stumptown coffee

 photo IMG_6835.jpg
nicoise salad

 photo IMG_6837.jpg
brisket burger

 photo IMG_6842.jpg
pain au chocolat

the calm before the storm: leisurely sunday brunching at Lafayette, wearing what i'd like to think is my official "hey snowy new york, i give up" jacket combination of not so practical shearling/leather with an oh so practical hooded rain jacket.