two bowls at saigon shack

 photo DSC01726_zps19cbca98.jpg
grilled lemongrass chicken vermicelli bowl

 photo DSC01728_zpsf7fe2afc.jpg
spicy beef pho

the perfect weeknight spot to grab an affordable and healthy dinner, saigon shack is such an easy go-to. my favorite things to order are the vermicelli bowls and the spicy beef pho.

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details. acne velocite shearling jacket. theory fox fur vest.

So that you will hear me
my words
sometimes grow thin
as the tracks of the gulls on the beaches.

Necklace, drunken bell
for your hands smooth as grapes.

And I watch my words from a long way off.
They are more yours than mine.
They climb on my old suffering like ivy.

It climbs the same way on damp walls.
You are to blame for this cruel sport.
They are fleeing from my dark lair.
You fill everything, you fill everything.

Before you they peopled the solitude that you occupy,
and they are more used to my sadness than you are.

Now I want them to say what I want to say to you
to make you hear as I want you to hear me.

The wind of anguish still hauls on them as usual.
Sometimes hurricanes of dreams still knock them over.
You listen to other voices in my painful voice.

Lament of old mouths, blood of old supplications.
Love me, companion. Don't forsake me. Follow me.
Follow me, companion, on this wave of anguish.

But my words become stained with your love.
You occupy everything, you occupy everything.

I am making them into an endless necklace
for your white hands, smooth as grapes.

- Pablo Neruda


coffee and treats at toby's estate


salted caramel coconut macaroon

soy latte

sun-drenched, jack and the beanstalk-friendly high ceilings, glorious knick knacks and books expertly strewn about on their custom built wall-shelving units, exposed red brick - forget buying a cup of coffee, where can i sign the lease and when's the move in date?

this williamsburg coffee spot toby's estate, is turning out some great coffee, not to mention offering up a delicious array of snackables. i opted for the salted caramel coconut macaroon, my sweet poison of choice second only to the rice crispy treat, but every other person in the room seemed to be eating the avocado toast. made a mental note to self to go for breakfast next time on a hungry stomach. at least hungry enough for avocado toast and maybe another one of those lick-your-fingers-good gooey, sticky, cripsy bites of heaven macaroons.

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lunch at momo sushi shack in bushwick

spicy tuna handroll - if i didn't know any better... i would've eaten about ten of these

pork betty

kinpira magic - one of my favorite things to eat!

party bomb: spicy mc bomb, mc low bomb, pink bomb, and
spicy una bomb

prelude to actually writing about the food - first post of 2013! happy new year everyone. thank you for continuing to read my blog despite the rather bumpy posting rate. unfortunately or fortunately (whichever way you'd like to call it!), my aggressive work schedule and the boy's penchant for lovingly convincing me to play vs. spend time in front of this glowing iMac screen has deterred me from posting as often as I'd like! Hoping to publish a more extensive/comprehensive/easily accessible list of my new york city favorites this year and also fulfill a little mini dream blog project of mine but all of that is still to come! let's cross our fingers and make a little wish that the stars align to help nudge our willpowers along to make this the best year yet!

Momo Sushi Shack is another amazing place in Brooklyn that makes me long/anxious for the 2053 days when we will be teleporting up a storm. how happy my tummy would be then.

I love me a good sushi hand roll and Momo does not disappoint. I would suggest ordering this A$AP. I also never met a lotus root I didn't like but the one here was exceptionally good - call me a sucker for super thin slicing and great seasoning skills.

Planning on going back here for dinner to get a handle on their sashimi action!

Read more about it here on my yelp review!