eataly - italy on our island

Something about Eataly makes me feel like it's always been a part of New York. The city has certainly welcomed it with open arms and the indoor market feel of the space makes it unmistakably New York despite the fact that it's still so new. I have a lot of fun roaming around spaces like this just picking items off the shelf, reading the label, and putting it back. Seeing interesting packaging and exploring food items and ingredients that are unfamiliar to me is strangely appealing even if I don't end up tasting or buying anything. Not that I don't end up buying things at Eataly. I've had meals there as well as buying food to take home - my suggestion would be at the least to try their gelato. It's delicious. Oh and Alex.. next time we have dinner side to side, I will try not to act like a giddy school girl and maintain composure. Once a fashion crush, always a fashion crush.

Honestly I would love a mattress made out of panettone. hey don't judge.