sunday dinner at pizzeria delfina

 photo IMG_7990.jpg

 photo IMG_7988.jpg

 photo IMG_7995.jpg
burrata with crostini and arugula salad

 photo IMG_8000.jpg
spigarello with lemon, garlic, and chili

 photo IMG_8005.jpg
broccoli raab, caciocavallo, mozzarella, olives, hot peppers, sausage pizza

 photo IMG_8016.jpg
ricotta cannoli

still thinking about this perfect sunday dinner at pizzeria delfina in the mission district during my trip to san francisco. as a new yorker i'm a little spoiled/jaded when it comes to good pizza but this place was kind of all around perfect. definitely would go back to re-enjoy that phenomenal burrata, the pizza, the wine, and about fifty pieces of those hand-rolled cannoli to go.