sunday brunch at saxon + parole

sloe gin fizz [plymouth sloe gin, fresh lemon, and soda]
bloody caesar [krogstad aquavit, clamato juice, dill, coriander salt, and a freshly shucked oyster]

the big “BLAT” [bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, toasted homemade seven grain bread, and smoked paprika mayo]

the S+P dry aged Angus burger [served with pennsylvania havarti, maple bacon, and a fried egg]

living closely to Saxon + Parole definitely has it's perks. massive "BLAT" sandwich I can barely hold together with two hands served on maybe some of my most favorite bread ever being one of them. juicy burger served with a fried egg on some of the most buttery delicious homemade brioche bread another one. delicious and inventive cocktails, are just another highlight that takes this place from good to great.

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