lunch at abc cocina

 photo IMG_7403.jpg
 photo IMG_7406.jpg
 photo IMG_7414.jpg
spring pea guacamole with warm crunchy tortillas

 photo IMG_7423.jpg
baby calamari stuffed with chorizo, celery root, chickpeas, and basil

 photo IMG_7424.jpg
griddled fish tacos, aioli and cabbage-chili pickle

 photo IMG_7435.jpg
roasted turkey cuban sandwich, flying pigs ham, dairyere cheese and pickles

a luxuriously late lunch at abc cocina, part of a three day food vacation in the city to celebrate the boy's birthday. the highlight of this meal were the griddled fish tacos that were so delicious i did a double take after the first bite. still thinking about how perfect the tart pickled nappa cabbage tasted with the smoky aioli. this dish (along with their famous spring pea guacamole) are a must when ordering!