hungry for hung-ry noodles

Thinly sliced apples on mixed greens

Lobster, escolar, sunchoke, and hen of the woods

Black feather chicken breast, leg, egg, and mixed winter greens

I took these photos while waiting to chow down on noodles at Hung-Ry on Bond street. My friend introduced me to this place several weeks ago and I'm in love with their chewy noodle consistency! Growing up, my parents would always take me to eat noodles at this Korean Chinese restaurant where a family friend was the chef and to this day, he still makes amazing hand-pulled noodles. The noodles at Hung-Ry remind me of those hot bowls I would enjoy when I was young. I'm wearing one of favorite Alexander Wang sweaters in the first photo, which the boy loves to point out is the most impractical sweater ever made because it has holes every where.

I guess my love for the unfunctional side of fashion doesn't stop at six-inch heels. Six is the new four folks.