dining at perla

 photo IMG_6357.jpg
 photo IMG_6361.jpg
 photo IMG_6370.jpg
 photo IMG_6379.jpg
 photo IMG_6413.jpg
octopus with oven dried tomatoes, eggplant, and fett'unta

 photo IMG_6465.jpg
brussels sprouts with sweet potato, ricotta, and saba

 photo IMG_6472.jpg
steak tartare with bone marrow, mushrooms, and tendon all'amatriciana

 photo IMG_6491.jpg
linguine with mussels, sea urchin, garlic chives, and bread crumbs

perla is the kind of space where you know you'll be settling in for a few hours, serious cocktail in hand, plates on plates of delicious food, and the slightly blurred philosophical conversation that ensues post bourbon-induced happy daze. my kind of night, my kind of place.