brunch at chez sardine

 photo IMG_6249-1.jpg
 photo IMG_6251-1.jpg
vodka bloody mary with a sake shot

 photo IMG_6260-1.jpg
banana chocolate bread with salted butter

 photo IMG_6265.jpg
giant pancake with apple, maple syrup, and bacon

 photo IMG_6279-1.jpg
crab egg in a hole with edamame and cheddar

remember that restaurant with the chopped beef and uni dish? oh yeah and who could forget about that foie gras grilled cheese. well kids, chez sardine also does brunch. a 90 minute yoga session prefaced this meal so i can happily justify this grain-filled food & drink excursion but i have to say i'm sort of regretting not going all out for the shrimp okonomiyaki or the pork belly and cornbread. namaste little sardine, i'll be back for brunch round 2 soon.