by your side

happy moments on a beautiful afternoon spent by the pool at The Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica that led to sitting by a fireplace by the beach, watching the sunset, and talking until the world went dark about everything and nothing.

food details. charcuterie and cheese platter. candied pecans. california grapes still on the vine.

July 24, 1940

I cannot get that beautiful afternoon out of my head, above me where I lay the grass was silhouetted against the blue of the heavens, small clouds were rushing past as the wind drove them on an endless journey. Then close to me was the most lovely of all, your soft hair against my cheek, your kisses so cool and unearthly and my happiness was so great.

Julia Lee-Booker to Lieut. Pat McSwiney. The couple was separated for three years during the war but were married in 1944.