Last week, I wandered around the garment district to look for some materials for a few things I'm currently working on. I don't know why but I feel so uninspired by everything in my closet these days... Maybe it's the shift from winter to spring but I seriously feel like I have nothing to wear. Hopefully what I'm making will end up awesome and I can just wear those things everyday. Yes?? haha. Or I could just go buckwild shopping but I think the prior will be kinder to my poor abused amex.

Speaking of abused, my poor knees were feeling the pain after days on end of walking in heels so I gave them a rest and whipped out my faithful Lanvin flats. I shock myself sometimes thinking about how much I used to be obsessed with flats -- an obsession that led me to accrue a little flat collection that is now basically a big neglected mound at the back of my shoe closet. Hm... my knees and feet definitely were happier then... lol.

I love the web-like pattern on this bag -- definitely one of my favorite vintage finds!
Outfit details: Vintage sweater, Topshop jeans, Lanvin flats, Vintage bag

Later on in the day, the boy and I went out for an amazing dinner + movie date night and I thought it would be a great time to show you guys what I think is some of the best authentic sushi you can find in NY! Don't ask for california rolls here kids.. haha. 

I absolutely love this place. It just lives and breathes a real philosophy on food from it's owner and master sushi chef, Naomichi Yasuda. You can see him talk about his restaurant here on Youtube: click me!! I think what gets me most excited about a restaurant is when the food is just extraordinarily simple, because when the quality of the ingredients are superb and it's cooked perfectly and presented immaculately, you just can't go wrong. The same could be said about fashion no? 

You can't see it in the photo but this whole restaurant is made out of the same beige wood. Talk about Japanese minimalism!!

Cutest soy sauce dispenser ever!

Little mini fish + sushi rice balls

Ara jiru

Grilled John Dory in sake reduction

An assortment of yellowtail, tuna, squid, and scallop