back to basics

Today afternoon, I made a short pit stop at Starbucks for my regular tall no-foam soy latte and was sorely let down... Almost as much as NY fashion week has let me down this year. (P.S. Rodarte, I still love you.) Can we please stop talking about the somber mood at Fashion week and move on? C'mon people, luxury fashion is about fantasy. Stop killing it for the ones who want to revel in it.

Back to the latte. I don't know if anyone else has this problem but honestly, if you're a Starbucks "barista" shouldn't you be able to make a simple latte? And they always get thrown off by the no foam request. Um... I don't want fluff on top of my espresso + milk concoction. Especially if I have to pay $3.90 for that flavored air. lol. Okay enough with the whining.

The weather was le suck and it started sprinkling so that killed all hopes of taking snapshots outside. I know everyone and their mom has this AA raglan shirt but I still love it nonetheless. Everything today was basic: the shirt, the skirt, the jewelry, and nothing cost me over $40 (sans shoes + watch). Hey we're in a recession right?!? (gag)

Here's what I was wearing:

Outfit details: AA raglan shirt, H&M zipper skirt, H&M chains, Forever 21 + H&M bangles, AA tights in asphalt.

Chloé motorcycle boots in grey tweed

"So nice to finally meet you"

Goodnight New York!