perfect weather wednesday

Today was the warmest day it's been this whole winter in New York. The high was in the 60s!! I know that must be "cold" for those who live in warmer climates but I revel in joy when there is even the slightest hope that winter will end early this year. As you can probably tell, I hate the cold. It's probably the worst thing about living in New York. That and weird puddles of liquid on sidewalks. I don't even want to know what or who made those puddles.

Whenever the weather is nice, it frees me to wear whatever I please without real concern of being cold. To be honest though, it wasn't really warm enough to wear what I was wearing but... fashion is sacrifice sometimes. ;)

My crazy Chloé feuilles aka leaves ankle booties. I got them in the shorter heel height so that they would be comfortable to walk in. Oh New York... that's another thing I guess that other people wouldn't really consider. When you have a car, your whole perspective on shoes pretty much changes. 

On my way to grab a quick bite to eat before class.

Outfit details: H&M boyfriend blazer, Elizabeth and James sequin racerback dress, random silver cuff, Chloé Saskia tote and ankle boots.

Quick photo snapped before we were scolded to put the camera away. Annoying little Asian man... go away!! I should've claimed my first amendment rights and seen him look at me quizzically. lol. This was shot at a little Korean fast-food place in K-Town called Woorijip. Super cheap and yummy. But don't take your camera or else little Asian man will get you. 

I had dinner with a good friend of mine at Pho32, which is also in Ktown. I tend to go to that area a lot seeing as how I live so close. Here's my seafood pho looking very enticing.