the frames

There's something mystifyingly transformative about glasses. We put them on and instantly take on a different persona: sunglasses, darkly tinted, always make us feel a bit more mysterious as our eyes, commonly perceived as the windows into our souls are hidden behind that tinted veil. But eyeglasses, commonly used for utilitarian purposes, most likely have clear lenses -- as our dear big bad wolf once said about his large eyes and spectacles: "The better to see you with my dear." 

With glasses, our eyes are highlighted, not hidden, as the eyeglass frames create an outline and allure for those voyeurs who may be tempted to take a second glance at the most intimate part of the face. This is why eyeglasses have deep-rooted meaning that surpasses its utilitarian value in Western society -- simultaneously the geek and the temptress. 

Fashion has embraced this duplicitous meaning as it loves those things that are up for interpretation. Here are some of my favorite images of eyeglasses and their transformative power:

credit: dropsnap.jp

credit: dropsnap.jp

the always chic Ashley Olsen

Johnny Depp: wearing Cutler and Gross glasses model 0899

me: wearing men's vintage frames. eBay golden find.