on the steps

Today, I went on a search for a new DSLR, armed with two iPhones for quick comparison shopping and a tenacious will to find the best deal. I ended up getting a really great Canon so I am very excited to see what photos we will be able to take in the near future! 

We took some quick shots in front of my closet  before we left the apartment. 

Here's what I'm wearing underneath my leather coat.
The first appearance of superstar extraordinaire: my doggie.

On the way up 5th avenue, we stopped by the NYPL to take some photos against the beautiful backdrop of the massive library. For any of you who haven't been, I highly recommend going to see the interior of this space. If it was good enough for Carrie Bradshaw's wedding, it's good enough for me!! p.s. the reading room in this library location is quite a special place. 

look at the cute lion! looks just like my dog :)

Outfit details: Chloé leather coat + black zipup skirt + Cyndi patent tote. 
American Apparel tights. Bakers faux Balmain booties (now on super super sale!)  

We went across the street afterwards and ate at Café Zaiya. 
I had sushi and the bf had a spicy tuna sandwich. Super super yummy.

Spicy tuna roll

lol once I couldn't remember the name of this and called it a tamagotchi. totally not the same thing :(