Last night, I took my sister to Craftbar for dinner and left wanting more and more. I have such a soft spot for top chefs (haha hi tom, p.s. hosea shouldn't have won but I still luv'ya like a fat kid love cake) but haven't been able to visit Tom Coliccio's restaurants yet and thought it was the perfect time to venture in to Tom territory. Turned out to be a perfect pick :)

Dayboat Scallops, Roasted Lemon Risotto, Watercress, 50-Year Old Balsamic.
Scallops were amazing. Risotto, a little salty. Great combination though.

Chickpea fries, Black Olive Aioli. EPIC!!!!!!! Tasted like little blocks of fried mashed-potato goodness. I think I could eat like... a whole basket of these with a few glasses of Guiness.

Spicy Fish Stew, Red Pepper Aioli. Really fresh and loved the little blocks of potato in it -- again a little salty though. I always joke to the bf that I have a slight sodium intolerance.

Ready to pounce!!

Guest appearance!! lol. My partner in crime :D

Awesome trough sink that meshed well with the whole fresh-farm feel of the menu, which is really Tom's cooking aesthetic. Sigh I wish I had the extra cash flow right now to go experience Tom Tuesday Dinner. Strange as it sounds, one can tell a lot about a restaurant by the bathroom.

I need/want this in my dream house. An entire second level dedicated to wine. But in my dream house, the entire third floor will be dedicated to... my closet :D