queuing up

A trip to New York City can never be complete without making a pit stop at Clinton Street Baking Company, one of the city's true treasures. I have literally never ordered anything here that I didn't think was yummy. Okay, well, don't order the fish tacos during lunch time because they are not that good but if that's what you're really craving, go here.

Went down to the lower east side this morning for brunch here and wasn't so surprised to spot an ever growing queue. If people are willing to wait 1.5hrs+ on the weekends to eat here, something magical must be going on inside. Fortunately, our Friday wait was only 30mins.

Outfit details: Chloé + AA raglan shirt.

Wearing one of my favorite Chloé skirts from Fall '07. Look 39 worn by Freja. It is very fragile though and is hard to be comfortable in for fear of embroidery falling off :(

Lil' sis rockin her Fall'08. I miss you Paolo, I really really do.

Spanish biscuit sandwich with grilled chorizo for the bf.

Blueberry pancakes for us. MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH.
I completely understand if you have your own favorites when it comes to food staples. However -- I hope that you all have, or please DO try to have these pancakes if you ever come visit the city. They are simply the best. I can't even eat pancakes anywhere else now. I think the secret is in the syrup -- maple butter mmmmm.

Heart-shaped buttermilk biscuit with house raspberry jam. Buttery flakey madness.
Did you ever watch that episode of Friends where Joey eats up all the jam Monica makes by dipping everything and your mom into it? This is the jam in real life.

P.S. I will try to respond to everyone's comments soon once I get the chance! And if I don't sometime soon, your blog isn't letting me comment back for some reason.