in the mix

Today I trekked down to the Intermix Warehouse sale with a friend and was left a little disappointed. It's usually a lot better than it was this year -- I blame it on the recession. If anything goes wrong in life, let's blame it on the recession. lol. They do have quite a lot of denim as was expected, a few designer pieces, KORS shoes for like $19...

I did though manage to score something that I've been lusting over for quite some time and am super x 1000 happy about it!! I'll post it sometime soon ;)

My sister is here visiting me for the weekend so expect lots of food/shopping adventure photos to come! I took her to eat at Saigon Grill (awesome cheap Asian restaurant in NY) as soon as she arrived because it's low-key and then went to Stand to have a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake as dessert. It's A-M-A-Z-I-NG. Will literally redefine what you think a milkshake should taste like. 

Here's what I wore:

Outfit details: Cardigan by CARDIGAN, See by Chloé skirt, Chloé shoes + bag 

Thanks so much to everyone who's complimented/commented on the DIY blazer as well as other posts. You all are so sweet and I really appreciate it :) I promise there will be more DIYs to come!

Also, the very very sweet blogger from Lefashionimage  was kind enough to post about my blog and the blazer as well so a big merci to her as well!