lazy sundays

Today I spent the afternoon having a late brunch at teaNY in the Lower East Side, followed by a lot of window-shopping there as well as in Soho. Surprisingly, I didn't see much that I wanted to buy, which is highly unusual for me because most of the time my list of "things I'm lusting after" snowballs out of control during shopping trips.

waiting for our food and drinks to come

outside my favorite tea spot, teaNY

graffiti can look almost poetic when captured in photographs...

one of my favorite vintage shoe stores, edith machinist.

Outfit details: Chloé brown leather jacket + silk chiffon dress + 
flat ankle boots + aviators, American Apparel asphalt tights, '
H&M leotard, Chanel 2.55 vintage bag.

I did spot my bag at Resurrection vintage on Mott street today if any 
of you are interested in buying one. I don't know how long it will 
be there for -- you know how women get about Chanel :)

Walked through the Whole Foods on Houston to escape the sudden cold wind and did a double take when I saw this sign. I was reminded of the famous line in Romeo and Juliet, "What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet." In this case, if this fruit was called anything else it would still be ugly. lol. 

next to it was this strange, disfigured, creature-like citrus fruit. 
If that green grapefruit is "UGLI" this fruit should certainly be called "UGLIER".


went to adidas originals to look at sneakers

stopped to look at the heart display at this store called "agatha luiz de la prada". 
the bf thought it was affiliated with PRADA. lol. 

how fitting for valentine's day that's coming up soon.

i love creative window displays! cute figurines in fourth position!