rainy sunday

Today I went to Bergdorfs to take a gander at the last remaining stragglers of their Fall/Winter shoe sale. I left feeling a little insulted at their END OF FEBRUARY sale prices. I mean reallly????? 60% off... is not enough when EVERYTHING you have left there that remotely has any potential is $1100 and up. eh... I'll save my pennies for the Intermix sample sale and my trip to California next month.

We went to have a snack at Maoz in the Upper West Side and had a super yummy Falalfel pita on whole wheat (yeaaah so healthy haha). I am obsessed with their salad bar btw.

Mmmmmm tomato/onion salsa + olives + yogurt topping

Wearing my H&M necklace with my Chloé black paddington chain.

Outfit details: See by Chloé coat from a long time ago (gift from the bf :D), Hoodie dress, chains, AA tights, Chloé platforms. I ended up wearing my Hunters out though seeing as how I take strange pleasure in plopping around in puddles.

Also wanted to say, thanks for everyone's sweet comments!! I love x 1000 reading all of them and hope that there will be many more to come :)

If any of you use Bloglovin to keep up with your blogs, you can follow my new posts through this link!! Hope you're all having fun watching the Oscars! I'm rooting for Benjamin Button!! Brangelina <3 hehe
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