queuing up

A trip to New York City can never be complete without making a pit stop at Clinton Street Baking Company, one of the city's true treasures. I have literally never ordered anything here that I didn't think was yummy. Okay, well, don't order the fish tacos during lunch time because they are not that good but if that's what you're really craving, go here.

Went down to the lower east side this morning for brunch here and wasn't so surprised to spot an ever growing queue. If people are willing to wait 1.5hrs+ on the weekends to eat here, something magical must be going on inside. Fortunately, our Friday wait was only 30mins.

Outfit details: Chloé + AA raglan shirt.

Wearing one of my favorite Chloé skirts from Fall '07. Look 39 worn by Freja. It is very fragile though and is hard to be comfortable in for fear of embroidery falling off :(

Lil' sis rockin her Fall'08. I miss you Paolo, I really really do.

Spanish biscuit sandwich with grilled chorizo for the bf.

Blueberry pancakes for us. MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH.
I completely understand if you have your own favorites when it comes to food staples. However -- I hope that you all have, or please DO try to have these pancakes if you ever come visit the city. They are simply the best. I can't even eat pancakes anywhere else now. I think the secret is in the syrup -- maple butter mmmmm.

Heart-shaped buttermilk biscuit with house raspberry jam. Buttery flakey madness.
Did you ever watch that episode of Friends where Joey eats up all the jam Monica makes by dipping everything and your mom into it? This is the jam in real life.

P.S. I will try to respond to everyone's comments soon once I get the chance! And if I don't sometime soon, your blog isn't letting me comment back for some reason.


Last night, I took my sister to Craftbar for dinner and left wanting more and more. I have such a soft spot for top chefs (haha hi tom, p.s. hosea shouldn't have won but I still luv'ya like a fat kid love cake) but haven't been able to visit Tom Coliccio's restaurants yet and thought it was the perfect time to venture in to Tom territory. Turned out to be a perfect pick :)

Dayboat Scallops, Roasted Lemon Risotto, Watercress, 50-Year Old Balsamic.
Scallops were amazing. Risotto, a little salty. Great combination though.

Chickpea fries, Black Olive Aioli. EPIC!!!!!!! Tasted like little blocks of fried mashed-potato goodness. I think I could eat like... a whole basket of these with a few glasses of Guiness.

Spicy Fish Stew, Red Pepper Aioli. Really fresh and loved the little blocks of potato in it -- again a little salty though. I always joke to the bf that I have a slight sodium intolerance.

Ready to pounce!!

Guest appearance!! lol. My partner in crime :D

Awesome trough sink that meshed well with the whole fresh-farm feel of the menu, which is really Tom's cooking aesthetic. Sigh I wish I had the extra cash flow right now to go experience Tom Tuesday Dinner. Strange as it sounds, one can tell a lot about a restaurant by the bathroom.

I need/want this in my dream house. An entire second level dedicated to wine. But in my dream house, the entire third floor will be dedicated to... my closet :D


in the mix

Today I trekked down to the Intermix Warehouse sale with a friend and was left a little disappointed. It's usually a lot better than it was this year -- I blame it on the recession. If anything goes wrong in life, let's blame it on the recession. lol. They do have quite a lot of denim as was expected, a few designer pieces, KORS shoes for like $19...

I did though manage to score something that I've been lusting over for quite some time and am super x 1000 happy about it!! I'll post it sometime soon ;)

My sister is here visiting me for the weekend so expect lots of food/shopping adventure photos to come! I took her to eat at Saigon Grill (awesome cheap Asian restaurant in NY) as soon as she arrived because it's low-key and then went to Stand to have a Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake as dessert. It's A-M-A-Z-I-NG. Will literally redefine what you think a milkshake should taste like. 

Here's what I wore:

Outfit details: Cardigan by CARDIGAN, See by Chloé skirt, Chloé shoes + bag 

Thanks so much to everyone who's complimented/commented on the DIY blazer as well as other posts. You all are so sweet and I really appreciate it :) I promise there will be more DIYs to come!

Also, the very very sweet blogger from Lefashionimage  was kind enough to post about my blog and the blazer as well so a big merci to her as well!


chromed out (DIY)

So a while back, I spotted this Balmain leather studded lapel blazer and I had a minor heart palpitation.
Simple, chic, perfection. But at a $4200 price tag... I think not. If YOU by chance do have the benjaminzz to purchase this leather hotness, you can buy it at Luisaviaroma.
Balmain Studded Leather Blazer

Anyway, I became fueled with desire to have something that even somewhat resembled this blazer and decided to go at it with some studs of my own and a cheapie blazer. Here's a play by play:

What you'll need if you would like a studded lapel blazer of your own (and look super cool hehe).

Simple boyfriend blazer. Mine is from H&M. This is not the time to break out the big guns because you are poking irreparable holes into this fabric.

Pyramid studs. I used 1/2" ones. You will need 200+ AT LEAST depending on the width of your lapel.

A pair of jewelry pliers to bend the backs of the studs. PLEASE don't try to do it with your fingers because you will be bleedin' all over your beautiful masterpiece by the end.

Keep studding along in rows and follow the width of the lapel to determine how many studs you can fit on that row. Try to keep them as close to one another as possible.

The difficult thing is to keep the studs straight. I found one trick that helps is to look at the back of the lapel and make sure all of the metal prongs are creating one straight line like so in the picture.

In case you were wondering, I started off at the middle of one lapel, went all the way down, and then went all the way around the neck towards the other side. Why I did this who knows but it ended up working great and both sides ended up being even :)

Finished result:

I'm wearing the blazer with a H&M corset top, See by Chloé black studded mini, and Zara thigh-highs.

This kinda thing has to be worn hair up because the back of the lapel looks siiiiick.

All in all, the whole process was worth it. My palms seem to be permanently bruised and I would advise not getting a manicure while you're doing this because that shizz will chip off left and right.

Please feel free to ask questions about the whole process!

warehouse madness

I've recently been daydreaming about what I will be wearing come spring, despite the sudden cold weather we've been experiencing again in New York (how cruel that short warm spell turned out to be now that it's windy and cold). But in TWO short weeks I will be off to sunny and warm Orange County and will be able to wear whatever my heart desires without even thinking of layering.

Every season I like to buy myself one goodie that's not on markdown... and I believe I have found it egads. I couldn't stop shrieking to the bf once I saw these bad bunnies... Sigh. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. They're like the Chloé multi-strap sandals I've been eyeing from Pre-Spring except on STEROIDS. By steroids I mean the Chloe Sevigny ones could own the Chloé ones in a samurai showdown. Funny how they're both made by "Chloes".

Source: Style.com, Refinery29

In other news, like I said in my previous post, Intermix is having their bi-annual warehouse sale starting this Thursday. Here are the details in case any of you will be in town! It's pretty good despite the strange pricing. Fair warning for those who've never been: come dressed in a leotard of some sort if you want to try things on, the dressing room is a huge makeshift curtained off area and there are many x1000 men walking around due to high security + weird pervos.


I will be doing a proper outfit post tomorrow and debuting a DIY project!!

Goodnight for now :)


rainy sunday

Today I went to Bergdorfs to take a gander at the last remaining stragglers of their Fall/Winter shoe sale. I left feeling a little insulted at their END OF FEBRUARY sale prices. I mean reallly????? 60% off... is not enough when EVERYTHING you have left there that remotely has any potential is $1100 and up. eh... I'll save my pennies for the Intermix sample sale and my trip to California next month.

We went to have a snack at Maoz in the Upper West Side and had a super yummy Falalfel pita on whole wheat (yeaaah so healthy haha). I am obsessed with their salad bar btw.

Mmmmmm tomato/onion salsa + olives + yogurt topping

Wearing my H&M necklace with my Chloé black paddington chain.

Outfit details: See by Chloé coat from a long time ago (gift from the bf :D), Hoodie dress, chains, AA tights, Chloé platforms. I ended up wearing my Hunters out though seeing as how I take strange pleasure in plopping around in puddles.

Also wanted to say, thanks for everyone's sweet comments!! I love x 1000 reading all of them and hope that there will be many more to come :)

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