better than the boys

I know I've already shared that I have never really been a jeans person, but I have always always been a pants/trousers kind of girl. I literally have piles and piles of them that really don't get the love and attention they deserve... Hard to say no to a good pair of pants hehe. Isn't it funny how some women would never think of putting on trousers because they have this reputation for being too "office" or too severe, but I think a great fitting pair of pants styled in the right way can actually be so much sexier than little slips of fabric that are a sad excuse for shorts/skirt... although these pieces do come in handy for certain occasions ;)

Putting on a pair of pants always makes me feel a bit more confident and in control -- note to self, wear pants to all future job interviews!!

The blogosphere seems to recently be overflowing with great pant-looks, particularly from the exquisitely photographed style blog, Garance Doré. I wore out a pair of my new See by Chloé pleated trousers and was so excited to see when I came home that Garance had just put up a great post dedicated to the pleated pant!

Seriously how beautiful is this woman?

I know a lot of us have already posted this picture but pleated leather trousers? Perfection.
Both photos can be found on Garance Doré.

This is what I wore out today:

Outfit details: Rugby Ralph Lauren wool blazer, See by Chloé pleated trousers, AA tights, Chloé oxfords.