pimp out my pom (DIY)

It seems that these days, everyone is on a studding rampage (myself included). It's hard to find something new and original to stud since everything and their mom has already been studded. So since I've already studded pretty much everything I own, how bout studding everything and my pom?

What you'll need:
1/2" cone studs

A Meeko

Peanut-butter flavored treats to keep doggie occupied

I started by going down the back following the natural line of the vertebrae.

Just keep going in a straight line.

Then I moved on to his head -- I found it's easiest when he was laying down flat like so.

Meeko getting crowned.

"Look mama I'm a unicorn!!"

**disclaimer: no doggies were harmed in any way during the process of this DIY tutorial and were very well-rewarded afterwards for being so well-behaved ;)

Have a happy Friday night everyone!!