swagga' like us

I woke up today with an insane craving for a bloody mary. Mind you, I've never had one before in my life because I hate tomato juice. I'm a strict believer that veggies are meant to be eaten raw or cooked in some way. Cold tomato juice + vodka + spicy flavoring served on ice with a stick of celery? Whaaatt???? haha. I dunno where the craving came from -- but when in doubt, always blame weird cravings on the hormones... or the recession. Either or.

Sundays are always date/fun days so the bf and I trekked down to Café Charbon to have brunch + order bloody marys to satisfy my craving.

Bloody mary bloody mary bloody mary. Did you used to do that at slumber parties? Turn off the light with your friends in the bathroom and say it three times and almost pee in your pants because you thought a ghost/monster with a bloody face was gona pop outta the mirror and eat you alive? And even though you were gona crap in yo'pants, you still did it? ah peer pressure + childhood memories. Maybe it was an american thing.

Not to my surprise, I didn't like it. HA. Made the bf drink it. TRADE?!

Stole his mimosa. Ah champagne, like a loyal friend, you've been good to me.

The bf's croque monsieur.

My omelette.

Pain au chocolat. Dip it in coffee -- yummmmm.

Outfit details: See by Chloé blazer + shorts, Chloé shoes + bag, H&M chapeau :)

Some of you have expressed some interest in suggestions for shopping/eating in NY. I hope that some of my posts have already shown you where I like to go in the city -- here's another!

East 11th street between 1st and 2nd ave.

This street is literally lined with awesomeness. Veniero's for the most awesome italian (CHEAP!!) desserts, Tokyo Joe for second-hand (CHEAP!!) shopping, Pas de Deux for real (not so cheap) shopping.

Amazing designer stuff to be found for super cheap here. All second-hand.

Pas de Deux: Recently opened, amazing selection of Rag&Bone, Alex Wang, 3.1 phillip, Vena Cava, Repettos galore.