metal hardware

So remember how I said that I got some new shoes this past weekend? Along with the Stella boots, I bought these bad boys at the Barney's warehouse sale.

AHHHHH yes... Miu Miu in all its amazing glory. I remember when these shoes came out, I was majorly in love, but ultimately, the Chloé Susans trumped my need for these. But ever since I got the Susans, I felt there was a big hole in my shoe closet for a good pair of flat black ankle boots with silver hardware, not gold. So during my sister's trip, I took her to the Barney's warehouse sale, which I usually never go to because it's INSANE I tell you -- but it ended up being the best decision ever because being the most awesome person that she is, my sister dug these up somewhere amidst the mounds of crap that they had there and I am forever indebted. I only wish they had had these in her size so we could've been shoe twinsies!!

Even if I'm not shoe twinsies with my sister, I am now with Natasha Poly -- I saw her wearing these in front of La Esquina months ago. MAN was she cool. OH speaking of starstyle-sightings, I spotted Vogue's Meredith Melling Burke at the Warehouse sale buying Balenciaga boots! Who knew Voguettes frequented warehouse sales lol.

Last week, I saw this crazy/cool editorial of Tallulah Morton on Knight Cat and was intrigued by the mesh bracelet that she's wearing. I used to make a lot of my own jewelry and decided upon seeing that bracelet that it's time for me to get back into it.
Here's her bracelet in the editorial.

I wanted to explore a similar look but with something a bit more heavy so I did it with chains.
Fiddy who's the wangsta nowwwww.