latex legging giveaway

It's officially been one month since I've had this blog so it's kind of like Maison des Rêveries' first monthaversary!! I know it hasn't been that long at all but I already feel like I've met so many sweet people and I really do love and appreciate all the great comments you guys leave me!

I thought to celebrate, I'd do a fun giveaway of a pair of Marley latex leggings (size small) from Intermix :)

I'm wearing my own pair in this post as well as the post "hooded". All you have to do is to tell me what your favorite quote is and I'll pick the one I think is the best!! You can do it either in comment form or email if you're shy ;) Make sure if you don't have your own blog, leave me your contact info so I can get in touch!! I'll choose by sometime next week.

xo, gennie